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Our platform enables the interoperability of tokens associated with CMM and CMMLP. Additionally, we operate technology in accepting cryptocurrency payments through the use of Commercium, and establish liquidity pools for tokens.
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The next generation of solutions for the crypto ecosystem

We create innovative Web3 and blockchain projects Focusing on consensus and decentralization. Empowering the masses to be involved in the community.
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Commercium Dashboard


The Commercium Dashboard lets you keep track of all your CMM assets, and displays all your CMM and CMMLP positions.Other features include:
  • A concise overview of the holdings in the portfolio, along with historical chart data.
  • A record of all owned assets, which encompasses NFTs as well, and provides the option to view more information for a particular asset for additional information.
  • Price data pulled from various sources, such as CoinMarketCap, Alchemy, and CMMSwap.


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