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Commercium Token Swap

Attention all Commercium traders and holders!


We are excited to announce an upcoming token swap for Commercium. This swap will involve a conversion of our current Commercium coin to a new and improved version, which will have enhanced functionality and features.The token swap will take place on 24.04.2023. During this time, all existing tokens will be automatically converted to the new version at the predetermined rate of 1:1. You can participate in the token swap for up to 90 days.It is important to note that the old coins will no longer be supported after the swap, so it is necessary to exchange them for the new tokens. Failure to do so may result in a loss of your cryptocurrency.We encourage all our traders and holders to prepare for the token swap by ensuring they have the latest version of their wallet to transfer coins or hold their private keys. We also recommend keeping a close eye on our social media channels for any further updates or announcements regarding the swap.Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to a successful token swap.Commercium will host a token swap from its previous blockchain, in which all unclaimed coins will be burned.


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