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How to use the Commercium Web Wallet

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Online wallets are cryptocurrency wallets that you access via your web browser. The web wallet is managed by the Commercium servers, but the wallet is completely generated on the client side ergo the Commercium team doesn´t nor will ever have insight and access into your wallet and your private keys.

The process of accessing Commercium is significantly lowered with the web wallet - you don’t have to download the full client or acquaint yourself with various forms and methods inherent in wallet software.


  • Fastest way to complete transactions (no lag between locations of app and server)
  • Ideal for holding small amounts of CMM for everday trading and usage (Safest wallet to hold large amount of funds, which you don´t intend to use everyday or as a long term investement, is still the paper wallet)


  • Users are susceptible to phishing scams, malware, hacking, DDOS attacks, and outdated security measures.

Step 1 - Access the web wallet

To be completely on the safe side, we advise you to disconnect your computer from the internet and go along with the guide afterwards.

The web wallet can be found here.

The first time you´ll enter the site, a popup window will show up:

Write down the 12 word seed phrase on a piece of paper or copy it into a password manager. A reliable example for a password manager can be found here.

This automatically generated seed phrase is generated completely client side and nobody except you has access to it.

With this seed phrase you have access to your funds wherever you are. Just open the web wallet in any browser and type in your seed phrase.

Step 2 - Overview/Usage

On the left side you´ll notice 3 buttons, which are self explanatory if you hover over them.

The private key will be shown only on client side. Make sure to write the key down. In case you lose your seed phrase, you can access your funds again with the Commercium core wallet, which we also explained here.

You can receive coins to the shown CMM address and can send them to any other CMM address you like (Send button).

In the middle you see the transaction tab.

You´ll see the timestamp, the transaction ID and the CMM amount of every transaction associated with your web wallet address.

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