Why Commercium?

Commercium is purpose-built as a purely peer-to-peer electronic capital & commerce system harnessing a dual cryptography proof-of-work blockchain (dual-chain). Commercium is designed and engineered for trustless value transfer of specific financial instruments across capital markets, money markets and commerce markets.

Commercium compliments the cryptography proof-of-work electronic cash system, Bitcoin, (a purely peer-to-peer electronic Cash system) by providing peer-to-peer functionality of financial instruments that are not electronic cash, across the electronic financial environment, in the modern world.



CMM is a proof-of-work (mineable) cryptocurrency. Its codebase stems from Bitcoin Cash, however, unlike many of the coins on the market, it does not carry over old transactions from the BCH chain.

CMM includes 30 second block times for fast confirmation of transfers. It is the only conversion pairing and method for accessing the value stored in ‘CMMX’ or is various smart contracts. ‘CMM’ is paired to Bitcoin, in case a user requires electronic cash.

Algorithm: Equihash
Coinbase: Bitcoin Cash
Block Time: 30 Seconds.
Block Reward: 16
Max Supply: 210,000,000 


CMMX is also a proof-of-work (mineable) cryptocurrency, however, based on the Ethereum codebase and built using solidity. It facilitates Apostille 2.0 as well as provides the technology for peer-to-peer and business-to-business (B2B) needs. It allows the creation & execution of smart contracts, multi-signature escrow accounts, data capture functionalities and value store functionalities allowing real-world financial instruments an electronic cryptography peer-to-peer, clearing house platform where ‘CMMX’ to ‘CMM’ and ‘CMM’ to ‘CMMX’ are designed to facilitate an exchange to participants from either chain.

Algorithm: Dagger-Hashimoto
Block time: 30 sec
Block count: 2880 Blocks/day
Block Reward: 3
Max supply: 30,450,000

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